TOB TOB-DZF-6090 真空烘干箱 (90升,250°C)

Source voltage: 220V 50HZ

Power: 1500W

Temperature Range: RT + 10~250℃

Temperature control accuracy: 0.1℃

Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5℃

Operating ambient temperature: +5~40℃

Vacuum degree: -0.1Mpa (≤133Pa)

Vacuum display: Pointer type medical vacuum meter

Workingsize (L*W*H): 450 * 450 * 450(mm)

Dimension (L*W*H): 650 * 600 * 1550(mm)

Heating mode: The external radiation heating. The electric heating pipe is located in the inner lateral walls, close to the liner

Temperature controller

High precision microcomputer temperature controller, accurate temperature control

Working temperature can be set and working time can be set for 0-9999min.

When time reach, sound alarm, and when any error, also alarm function

Inner box material: 304 stainless steel 

Outside shell material: High quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray

Box door: Toughened bulletproof double glass door

Safety device: With over temperature protection, grounding etc

Shelf: 2pcs

Vacuum pump: 2XZ-2 rotary vane vacuum pump (suction: 2 L/sec), vacuum pump is located in the box body

Packing Size: 770 * 690 * 1800mm

Packing Weight: 210KG



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