TOB TOB-GYJ-100C-S 200毫米宽钢辊电池电极热轧机(Φ100*200mm)

Working Voltage: 110V / 220V AC single phase selectable

Power: 900W Total


1, Heavy duty steel frame, gears and handle

2, Φ100mm Dia. x 200mm width Rollers made from hardened tool steel (HRC > 62) with Cr electroplated coating

3, Dual micrometer for accurate thickness adjustment in range 0 - 1.5mm Maximum


Dimensions: 100mm(Dia.) x 200mm(W)

Material: Made from hardened tool steel (HRC > 62) with Cr electroplated coating. With finish  > 0.8

Rolling press accuracy: ≤±0.005

Roller surface hardening depth: 5mm

Heating Temperature: 10-80℃

Temperature Control Accuracy: +/-5℃

Max pressure: 3T

Rolling press thickness: 0-1.5mm adjusted with Dial gauge

Rolling press width: Max 200mm, Customized

Rolling press speed: 0-20m/min adjustable

Weight: 95kg

Application Notes: This roller is specially designed for battery R&D in terms of its advantages as affordable, compact and precise. 

1, Must use acetone to clean and dry rollers' surfaces after each use to avoid rusting

2, Coated Rust-proof oil if machine were to be unused for a long period of time

3, The minimum thickness of the rolled sheet should depend on the physical property of the materials.



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