TOB TOB-HP-300C Roll To Roll Pressure Adjust Rolling Press Machine (300mm Width, 130C℃)

Function: Calender battery electrode

Calender Thickness: 0.01-3mm adjusted

Calender Width: Max 300mm

Calender Pressure: Max 20KN

Speed: 1-3m/min

Working Roller: Diameter 210mm, 9Cr3Mo materials

Roller Width: 300mm

Calender Model: Hydraulic press

Accuracy: 0.003mm

Rolling Press Machine Power: 1.5KW

Winding and Unwinding power: 0.55KW

Tension Control: Absolute value photoelectric encoder with floating guide roller

Rolling Press Machine Size: About L1300mm*W600mm*H1300mm

Total Installation Dimension: L3000mm*W1200mm*H1300mm

Power Supply: 380V 4KW

Electric control

With tension display, rolling speed display function

Electric motor revolution and connter revolution



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