TOB TOB-HS-20 手动电池压缩机 200 kg/cm2)

Standard Crimping Die

One set of crimping die for CR2032,CR2025,and CR2016

Optional die available from product option for crimping CR2325,CR2450,AG3,AG5

PTFE Anti-Corrosion Core prevents coin cells from being short circuited

Rocker Pressure: < 6kg

Max Pressure: 200 kg/cm2 (The hydraulic drive pressure up to 8T, the battery sealing no vibration, no leakage)

Working Pressure: 80-100 kg/cm2  

Dimension(L*W*H): 232 * 170 * 330mm

Weight: 28kg

Shipping Weight: 35kg




This automatic crimping machine is configured with high quality mould spring in both upper and lower die, guarantee the product consistency

Equipped with humanized discharging device, light by discharging the handle the finished product can be launched from the mould, convenient for operation

Mould adopts High-quality chrome steel, vacuum quenching to HRC62 hardness

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