TOB TOB-JBT-200 不锈钢搅拌桶 (100L)

Design volume/Effective volume: 287Litre/200Litre

Mixing jar Inner material: 304 stainless steel

Dimension: Ф750×650mm;Can be used for vacuum mixer TOB-XFZH-200 as mixing jar


Discharging valve : G1-1/2 "(DN38);

Barrel with push handle, barrel bottom with four move wheels, easy for transfer.

Cooling/heat preservation : Bottom and side with cooling jacket

Top cover: With two small vision Windows, a shoot light, DN40 feeding tube, vacuum interface, vacuum pressure gauge and other spare interface.

Mixing speed: 35rpm without adjusting, 304 stainless steel Stirring shaft

Mixing power: 1.5kw/4P

Mixing theory: Combined impeller rotation do over type, make the material/week to cycle up and down,  to ensure that the material is not deposit.

Vacuum degree: ≤-0.098Mpa, can Keep 24 hours is not lower than 0.085 Mpa



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