TOB TOB-LBC-135 自动电池电机涂布机 (300mm)

Source voltage: AC 220V/110V, 50HZ

Power: 6500W

Max electrode width: 280mm

Coating speed: 1m/min, adjustable

Coating accuracy: ≤ ±0.003mm

Roller diameter: Φ100mm

Max coating roller diameter: Φ250mm

Control pressure: 5-50N, adjustable

Dry temperature: RT-150℃, adjustable

Oven length: 1.2m

Air compression: 0.5-0.7MPa

Coating mode: Single face continuous coating

Application foil: Aluminum foil, Copper foil

Weight: About 1050kg

Dimension(L*W*H): 1800*810*1300mm




1 Scraping system, parts processing precision, slurry contact part stainless steel structure, scraping thickness adjustable.

2 Main transmission adopts frequency control of motor speed, wide speed range speed constant and reliable for the speed control system, constant torque

3 Drying box adopts far infrared heating pipe, high heat efficiency, long service life

4 Using hot air circulation system, can make the temperature uniform, not easy to burn the pole piece

5 Temperature control adopts PID control system, high control accuracy, reliable work

6 The reeling adopts automatic correction system, pole piece coiling system

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