TOB TOB-MR-120 液压手动电池压缩机 (200kg/cm2)

Standard Crimping Die: 

One set of crimping die for CR2032,CR2025,and CR2016

Optional die available from product option for crimping CR2325,CR2450,AG3,AG5

PTFE Anti-Corrosion Core prevents coin cells from being short circuited

Rocker Pressure: <6kg

Max Pressure: 200kg/cm2  

(The hydraulic drive pressure up to 8T, the battery sealing no vibration, no leakage)

Working Pressure: 80-100kg/cm2  

Dimension(L*W*H): 232*170*330mm

Weight: 28kg

Shipping Weight: 35kg

Reference Pictures: 

1. Adjusted sealing die for CR2016,2015,2032 coin cell

2. Optional die for other model battery and PTFE Anti-Corrosion Core 


Hydraulic Crimping Machine TOB-MR-120: 1 set

CR20XX coin cell crimping die or disassemble die: 1 set

English Operating Manual: 1 book

SocketHeadWrench: 1 set




1 The lower die with high precision positioning ring spacing, control batteryseal height

2 The upper die is provided with a sealing cup inner screw spring mechanism,ensure in case the battery sealing clamp can not be removed,only the top screw clockwise and the button battery out.

3 By using aluminum alloy and high strength steel, surface after the environmental protection electroplating processing will never  rust

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