TOB TOB-NDJ-5S Digital Display Viscometer For Battery Slurry (1-10^5 MPa·s)

Display: English panel display

Rotation rate (RPM/min): 6/12/30/60

Standard rotor specification

1#/2#/3#/4# rotors, 

can also choose 0# rotor for testing viscosity from 1-10cp range

Measuring range: 1-100000 mPa.s

Measuring accuracy (Newtonian liquid): ±1%

Repetitive error (Newtonian liquid): ±0.5%

Temperature measurement: Yes, can choose the temperature probe together

Dimension: 300*300*450mm 

Net weight: 2kg  (not including pedestal)

Working temperature: 5-35℃

Working humidity: ≤80%

Source voltage: AC 100-230V  45-65HZ


With RS232 date input port

Can choose date process software



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