TOB TOB-PXFZH-3L 搅拌机 (1-3L)


Design capacity: 3.8 liters

Working capacity: 1~3 liters

Hood: Cover flange with o-ring in groove ; 

Register inside or outside hood to accurately locate and fix bowl in place ; 

Two sight glass viewing ports ; One vacuum connection with ball valve and one vacuum gauge . 

One solids charging port(chute) Ø40. 

Mix bowl

Dia. 180×h.150 (Mix bowl)

With jacket for water/oil at 90psig and 350F .

Four wheels on bowl bottom .

Two pull handles on bowl side . 

No discharge valve on bowl bottom .

Characteristics of mixing movement: Two low-speed mixing blades and one H-speed disperser rotate on their own axis as they travel around the mix bowl interior, in order to fully mix two or more materials together well .

Blade type

Standard supply: Quarter-twist blades / Removable (304 St. St.)

For spare

H.-S. Disperser: Ø50 sheared blades on dispersing shaft (304 St. St.)

Power motor 1 for agitating / scraping and planetary: 0.75kw (e.g. 1.0HP), 380v/3phase/50hz, 1500rpm  

Power motor 2 for H.-S. dispersing: 1.1kw (e.g. 1.5HP), 380v/3phase/50hz, 3000rpm  

Reducer: Cycloid pin type: BLY0-i=23 (S. Fa.=1.0)  


Self-agitating speed: 0~64rpm (based on 50hz)  

Planetary / Scraping speed: 0~52rpm (based on 50hz)  

Self-dispersing speed: 0~5700rpm (based on 50hz)  

Linear velocity: 0~16m/s (based on 50hz)  

Scraper arm: Removable (304 St. St.+ PTFE)

Speed control: By frequency inverter(converter)

a. Sealed planetary gearbox . 

b. 304 construction : gearbox exterior , hood , scraper arm.

c. Vacuum construction up to -0.098Mpa , with vacuum separator pot ; Vacuum pump 2X-2.

d. O-rings and seals in VQM or Viton (FPM) .

e. H.-S. Bearings : FAG from Germany or NSK from Japan

Raising and lowering the bowl

By hydraulic lift by oil designed for 0.6~1.9MPa 

Double action piston Ø50/32×250, 5MPa , Total 1 (one) pc .

Power pack by power motor 

Stroke : appr. 250mm 

Temp. show: A flush-mounted product temperature probe is required in the lower sidewall area of the bowl. It include a quick-release plug.

Spare parts kit: O-rings, scraper, lip seals



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