TOB TOB-SJR-18650 (21700) 半自动络筒机 (Φ12mm-Φ32mm)

Voltage: AC220V,1.5KVA,50HZ

Compressed air: 0.4-0.6MPa

Productive capacity: 8PCS/min

Weight: About 500kg

Size: 1660mm*1300mm*1570mm(Does not include the outstretched length of the electrode.)

Winding needle specification: Φ1.5mm-Φ9mm(With one set for free, customized)

Applicable outer diameter of the cell: Φ12mm-Φ32mm

Equipment capacity: 6~15 pcs/ min (according to the length/width of the electrode)

Winding precision

When the electrode is guaranteed to meet the following conditions:

The width error is less than ±0.2mm;

The bending error of "S" is less than ±1mm/500mm;

The tower shape error of the separator is less than ±0.2mm;

The winding precision can be satisfied

The alignment error of the separator is less than ±0.5mm;

The alignment error of electrode is less than ±0.5mm;

It can realize the negative electrode wrap the cathode electrode, the separator wrap negative electrode, and the alignment of the finished product section is ±0.5mm

Qualified rate: ≥98% (excluding equipment factors)



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