TOB TOB-SY300J Roll To Roll Coating Machine For Lithium Battery Electrode (3PH, 380V, 50HZ)

Dimension: L1800 * W1300 * H1200mm

Weight: About 1.2T

Power supply: 3PH  380V,50HZ,

Voltage fluctuation range: +8% ~ –8%;

start total power: 10KW

Compressed air: After drying, filtration and stabilivolt: outlet pressure> 5.0kg/cm2

Suitable system: Lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, graphite and silicon carbon system battery positive and negative electrode coating process

Coating method: Continuous coating, interval coating

Oven section number: 1 section 1 meter oven

Substrate thickness: Aluminum foil:8 ~ 30um;Copper foil:8 ~ 30um

Roll surface design width: 330mm

Ensure coating width: ≤ 280mm

Coating: ± 3um

Double-sided coating weight accuracy (mg/cm2): Coating center value ±1.0%

Slurry viscosity: 2000 ~ 12000 (mPas)

Single-coated dry thickness range: 20-200μm

Solvent characteristics

Oily solvent NMP(s.g=1.033,b.p=204℃)

Watery solvent H2O/NMP(s.g=1.000,b.p=100℃)

Solid content: 20 ~ 85%

Coating dimension accuracy(mm): L ≤ ±1、W ≤ ±0.5

Positive and negative alignment accuracy(mm): L≤±1、W≤±0.5



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