TOB TOB-TBJY300-1J 电池电极间歇涂布辊压机

Coating function

Suitable system: NCM, LFP, LCO, LMO, Graphite, Silicon carbon and other systems battery coating

Coating method: Continuous and intermittent coating (Transfer coating machine)

Oven section: 1m/section

Coating speed: 0~0.5m/min (Depending on the drying state)

Base material thickness: Al foil : 8~30um, Cu foil : 8~30um

Roller width: 330mm

Effective coating width: ≤280mm

Coating roller: Φ120mm

Squeegee roller: Φ80mm

Coating accuracy: ±3um

Weight accuracy of double-sided coating (mg/cm2): Coating center value ±1.0%

Suitable for slurry viscosity: 2000~12000 (mPas)

Single side coating dry thickness range: 20-200μm

Solvent properties

Oily solvent


Aqueous solvent


Suitable for solid content range: 20~85%

Coating size accuracy (mm): L≤±1, W≤±0.5 (L: length direction, W: width direction)

*Introduction to the structure of coating parts:

1. Integral unwinding, machine head mechanism:

Over roller installation structure: Steel frame firmly installed

Over roller surface treatment: Surface oxidation of metal aluminum roll

Tension control system: Automatic control of constant tension, tension range 0 ~ 50N, servo motor control

Correction method: Automatic EPC control,Stroke 50mm

Feeding Unwinding material method

The material roll is fixed by a 3-inch inflatable shaft;

Unwinding single air expansion shaft

Maximum unwinding diameter: Ф250mm

Maximum load of inflatable shaft: 80Kg

Number of unwinding and inflation shafts: 1Pcs

Main drive motor: Servo motor

Roller surface treatment: Surface oxidation of metal aluminum roll

Scraper structure: Double-sided comma scraper

Coating roller (steel roller): Hard chrome plating

Back roller (rubber roller): The surface is wrapped with imported EPDM

Scraper intermittent height adjustment: Manual adjustment;

Single head position: Installation and operation before drying tunnel

2. Coating drying tunnel

Oven structure: Double-layer independent heating, arranged up and down

Oven length: 1 meter / section

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Temperature control: Divided into normal working temperature control, over-temperature monitoring and alarm protection control, and cut off the heating main power supply; each section is completely independent control

Heating method: Analog signal control power heating, hot air circulation structure

Heating power of single section oven: 6KW

Temperature in drying tunnel: Design Max150 ℃, temperature difference in single section oven≤ ± 2.5 ℃

Blowing method: Upper and lower air blowing, common heating body for upper and lower air chamber

Wind nozzle structure: The nozzle slot is slotted by a special mold

Fan control: Contactor control

Heating control: solid state relay

Fan material: SUS304 stainless steel

Solvent recovery system: Optional

*Roller winding function:

Rolling purpose: Roller press the battery material coated on aluminum foil or copper foil

Maximum opening thickness of rolling mill: 2 mm    

Rolling width: Max 300 mm

*Roller winding parameters:

Rolling force: Max. 35T(Can be customized to increase)

Mechanical speed: Max.10m/min

Roll diameter: Ф200 mm;Material:9Cr3Mo

Roller surface hardness: >HRC65

Roller surface width: 330 mm

Pushdown mode: Hydraulic

Rolling accuracy: ±2.5 um

Maximum opening of rolling mill: 2 mm

Reducer and gear box: Modular

Rolling mill motor: AC frequency conversion motor

Winding: With correction function and tension control function

*Control System:

Main control system: Touch screen, PLC, servo system

Operation mode: Manual, automatic, emergency stop; the whole machine can be operated before and after

Alarm situation: When the device fails, the touch screen will display the corresponding correction screen

*Hardware accuracy

Scraper: Round jump≤ ± 1.5um, Ra0.4, straightness≤ ± 1.5um

Coating roller (steel roller): Round jump ≤ ± 1.5um, Ra0.4 straightness≤ ± 1.5um

Glue roll: Round jump ≤10um,straightness≤10um

Roll: Round jump ≤ ± 2um, Ra0.4, straightness≤ ± 2um

Deviation correction: ±0.2mm



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