TOB TOB-TM300 150mm宽度自动涂布机 (0-100 mm/sec)

Working Voltage: 110V AC or 208 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase

Power: 200W

Traverse Speed: 0 - 100 mm/sec variable

Accuracy: 10mm/sec

Max Stroke: 300 mm 

Max. Coating Dimensions: 150mm(W) * 300mm(L)


Aluminum alloy flat vacuum chuck

Vacuum Chuck Dimensions: 410mm(L) * 200mm(W) * 30mm(H)

Film Applicator

One 150 mm width Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator is included, with adjustable thickness from 0.01 mm - 3.5 mm

Traverse Pusher is included for pushing the doctor blade to ensure constant speed coating

Product Dimensions: 550mm(L) * 310mm(W) * 330mm(H)

Net Weight: 50kg

Application Notes

Rolling is absolutely necessary to ensure good density and adhesion of electrode materials to the current collector substrate after coating. Please select a rolling press from here.

You may need a vacuum oven to dry the films after coating

You may need a vacuum mixer to remove air bubbles inside the slurry and to make all coatings uniform

You may need a Slurry Viscosity Tester to make coatings consistent               



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