TOB TOB-USW-24KHZ 电池电池超波焊台 (1500W , 24KHZ)

Source voltage: 110V AC or 240V AC 50/60Hz

Power: 1500W

Type: Ultrasonic spot welding machine

Frequency: 24KHZ

Working stroke: 15mm

Welding time: 0.05-2s

Control mode: CPU Control

Air supply: ≥0.5MPa (≥72.5psi)

Welding ability

1 Prismatic battery Aluminum shell 0.1mm aluminum strip welding with 1-3mm aluminum plate, 

welding area 3*3mm or 3*4mm single point welding,3 * 3 mm double point 8 mm long;

2 Cathode electrode 0.02mm aluminum foil + 0.1m alumin tab 3*25mm or 3*4*25mm welding;

4 Nickel aluminum composite band and the bottom of the aluminum plate or shell two point welding, 3*3mm 3*4mm welding.

Main accessories

1, Ceramic chip from Germany

2, Aluminum bar from USA

3, Single chip microcomputer from Netherlands

4, Welding head Titanium alloy and 6542 type



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