TOB TOB-VTL1100-II Vertical Tube Furnace (1100℃,4KW,110V/220V)

Tube Size: Φ70*1000mm

Power: 4KW

Voltage: AC110V/220V

Heating Zone Length: 450mm

Max Heating Temperature: 1100℃

Heating element: Electric resistance wire

Temperature controller

40 program temperature control system,

With over temperature, broken accidentally protection function,

6 groups of PID adjustment

Control precision of + / - 1 ℃

Furnace chamber: Polycrystal alumina fiber

Tube material: Gas refining quartz tube (or corundum tube)

Vacuum Flange & Fitting Ports: Stainless steel flange with Gas nozzle, valve, pressure gauge

Pressure measure system: Pressure gauge (Resistance vacuum gauge can be chosen according requirements)

Air intake control: Flow meter (Protons flow controller can be chosen according requirements )

Vacuum system: Vacuum pump can be chosen



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