TOB TOB-XFZH200 真空搅拌机(200L)

Low speed revolution and rotation

Frequency conversion motor power: 15KW

Variable-frequency drive: 15KW

Revolution speed: 0~65rpm

Impeller speed: 0~25rpm

High speed dispersion

Frequency conversion motor power: 22KW

Variable-frequency drive: 22KW

Dispersion plate

Diameter : DIN160

Speed : 0~2800rpm

Mixing barrel

Dimension: Dia.750mm×H 650mm


Design capacity: 287L

Working capacity : 200L

Materials: Sus304 stainless steel, with thickness 5mm

Vacuum degree: -0.098MPa, no less than -0.085 MPa after 24hours

Voltage supply

Operating voltage 380 v / 50 hz / 3 phase,

Control voltage 24 v DC

Weight: About 4500KG

Dimension (L*W*H): 2400×1200×2850(mm)



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