TOB TOB-XFZH30 迷你真空搅拌机

Source voltage: AC 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 HZ

Power: 8.5KW

Design capacity: 45 L

Working capacity: 30 L

Basic structure

A, Electric lifting barrel.

B, Single direct material temperature measurement model;

C, Monodisperse shaft + double stirring shaft + belt wall

Barrel (stirring barrels): Dia. 400mm×360mm

Barrel structure

A, Tank material: SUS304.

B, Bladder wall mirror polishing after turning processing, ensure good roundness;

C, Stirring barrels on the flange surface and on barrel through the sealing ring seal;

D, Bottom with G1 "(DN25) discharge valve;

E, Four roller at the bottom And the barrel body with a push handle.

Planets orbiting speed: 0~50rpm, adjustable

Stirring shaft/stirrer speed: 0~80rpm, adjustable

Dispersion speed: 0~5000rpm, adjustable

vacuum degree: -0.098MPa

Temperature test mode: 0-300 ℃, the temperature measuring probe located close to the bottom of the barrel wall (or bottom), contact with the material and display the temperature

Weight: 1300KG

Dimension (L*W*H): 1800 * 1100 * 2100mm



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