TOB TOB-XY240-SPCG Single-Position Customized Glove Box (0 ~ -0.1MPa)

H2O、  O2: ≤lppm

The leak rate: ≤0.05Vol% h (monthly leakage of oxygen <1L)

Foreline vacuum degree: 0 ~ -0.1MPa (2.5-stage vacuum table)

Case vacuum degree: 0 ~ -0.1MPa (2.5-stage vacuum table)

Transfer chamber can withstand: vacuum degree ≥100Pa

Working gas: nitrogen, argon, helium (purity 99.5%)




1 .Configuration internationally renowned brand components;

2.Water, oxygen index of less than 1ppm

3.Excellent sealing performance, easy to replace,

4.Unique design, lightweight, tight structure, easy operation,

5.Pneumatic automation control, testing, production, reduction;

6.The color touch screen, man-machine dialogue,

7.Foot Switch: the pressure inside can be adjusted by foot switch

8.English user interface (customer choice)

9.Cabinet material using SUS304 (3mm) stainless steel;

10.Sound technical services.

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