TOB TOB-YXQM-0.4L (Oil Seal Mute) Planetary Laboratory Ball Mill (0.4L,0-900r/min)

Source voltage: AC110V/220V 50/60HZ

Total power: 0.55KW

Voice processing: Oil seal mute processing technology

Ball milling tank volume: 50-100ml

Milling tank materials

Metal material: 304 stainless steel, cemented carbide (YG8)

Nonmetallic material : ceramic/corundum/alumina, zirconia, agate

High polymer material : nylon, polyurethane, ptfe

Ball mill medium: Stainless steel, ceramic/corundum/alumina, zirconia, agate, cemented carbide

Max charge of tank: No more 1/3 of the volume

Filling materials size: Crispy material is less than 10 mm, other less than 3 mm

Single tank fill quantity

50ml tank with 16ml material

100ml tank with 33ml material

Output material size: Min 0.1um

Grinding mode: Dry/wet/high-energy alloying grinding/vacuum/cryogenic grinding, last two model need customized

Max continuous working time: 72 hours

Revolution speed

Revolution : 0-450r/min

Rotation : 0-900r/min

Speed ratio : 1:2

Dimension: 600*400*500mm

Weight: 60kg



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