TOB TOB-ZST- 300-12M 转间电池电极涂布机

Power: 3PH  380V,50HZ,

Suitable system: LiFePO, lithium cobalt oxide,Lithium manganese oxide system and coating process of battery anode and cathode

Operating material thickness

Al foil: 10~30um 

Cu foil: 7~30um

The design of the roll surface width: 300mm

Guaranteed coating width: 50~280mm

Mechanical running speed of equipment: 7m/min

Coating speed: 1-7m/min(Depending on the drying condition)

Suitable for slurry viscosity: 2000~16000 Cps

Single coating thickness range: 50-150μm

Minimum interval length: 5mm

Multi section minimum coating length: 20mm

Solvent properties

Oiliness solvent NMP(s.g=1.033,b.p=204℃)

  Water solvent H2O/NMP(s.g=1.000,b.p=100℃)

Suitable solid content

Anode S.C. 60% ± 20%

  Cathode S.C. 60% ± 20% (PVDF system)

S.C. 50% ± 5% (SBR system)

Specific gravity

Anode: 1.5—2.59/cm2

Cathode: 1~1.89/cm2

Coating method: Double sides 3 sections, unequal intermittent transfer coating / second sides automatic tracking / continuous transfer coating

Base material running direction: Forward coating ,The base material empty foil movement Positive, reverse.

Control pressure: 0 ~ 50N

Rectify deviation: EPC control,stroke 80mm

Oven length: 12m

Material quality: SUS304 stainless steel,Inner tank 1.0mm,outside tank 1.2mm



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