Tonghui TH2515 直流电阻表 (0.1μΩ~110MΩ)

Display: 24-bit, 400 X 272 and touch TFT LCD screen

Reading digits: 5 ½ digits

Resistance measurement:

Measurement range: 0.1μΩ~110MΩ

Measurement function

Resistance measurement time: FAST: 7ms; MED: 22ms; SLOW1: 102ms; SLOW2: 402ms (Above data is correct when DISPLAY is OFF; When DISPLY is ON, 20ms should be added.)

Temperature measurement time: 100 ± 10ms

Test terminal: 4-terminal

Range switch: AUTO and Manual

Trigger mode: Internal, Manual, External, BUS

Temperature measurement: 1 -10.0℃--99.9℃ Sensor:PT500

Temperature measurement2: Analog input:0V--2V Display:-99.9℃ -- 999.9℃

General specification

Working condition: Temperature:0℃ - 40℃,Humidity:≤ 80%RH

Storage condition: Temperature:-10℃-50℃,Humidity: ≤90%RH

Accuracy guarantee condition: Temperature:18℃ - 28℃,Humidity:≤ 80%RH


- Voltage: 99V—242V

- Frequency: 47.5Hz—63Hz

Consumption: 30 VA

Dimension: 215mm×87mm×335mm(net size) 235mm×105mm×360mm(with foam sheath)

Weight: Approx. 3.6kg




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