Tonghui TH9110 交直流耐压绝缘测试仪 (AC: 0.05 - 5kV; DC: 0.05 - 6kV)

Withstand voltage test:

- Output voltage:

AC: 0.05 - 5kV; Load Variance:1%; Accuracy:1%; Resolution: 2V

DC: 0.05 - 6kV; Load Variance:1%; Accuracy:1%; Resolution: 2V

- Current test range:

AC: 0.001mA - 120mA(Voltage≤4kV);0.001mA - 100mA(Voltage>4kV)Accuracy: 1% Resolution:1μA

DC: 0.0001mA - 25mA Accuracy:1% Resolution:0.1 μA

Output power: 500VA

Insulation resistance test

Output Voltage: DC : 0.05 - 5kV; Resolution:2V; Accuracy:1% of set value + 0.1% full scale

Resistance test range: 1MΩ-50.0GΩ; Resolution:0.1MΩ

Discharge function: Automatic discharge after the end of the test

ARC detection:

AC: 1mA - 20mA

DC: 1mA - 10mA

Contact check function: OSC open and short:600Hz, 0.1s

Security features:

High voltage floating output: Leakage current <3 mA

Electric shock protection: 0.5mA ±0.25mA

Other protection: Start protection, panel operation password protection

Alarm indication: PASS: short tone, green light; FAIL: long tone, red light

Memory: 100 groups, 50 steps per group

General parameters

Voltage rise time: 0.1s — 999.9s

Test time setting(AC/DC): 0.3s — 999s

Voltage fall time: 0.1s — 999.9s

Waiting time (IR): 0.2s — 999.9s




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