TONYHK HTB-006 Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Tester (Horizontal & Vertical)

Test room: 0.85 stere

Time adjustment of continuous flame: 0~99 minutes 99seconds 

Time adjustment of afterflame: 0~99minutes 99seconds

Time adjustment of afterglow: 0~99minutes 99seconds

Flame height: is easy to adjust, from 20mm to 175mm according to the standard.

Timer: 0~999.9s+/-0.1s (adjustable)

Burn angle: 20°, 45°, 90° (that is 0°) adjustable

Burner: inner diameter Ø9.5mm, nozzle length 100mm

Gas: 98% methane

Temperature testing range: 0~1000 degree

Power: AC 220V, 50Hz 

Standards: IEC60950:1999, UL 94, IEC 707, ISO1210:1992, GB/T 5169, GB/T 4706



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