TONYHK HTE-004 耐黄变试验机 (1-5r.p.m)

Specimens fixed rotary dish: determine Φ45mm, speed 1-5r.p.m (adjustable)

Interior specification: 500*500*600mm

Light bulb UV wavelengths: 280~400nm

Light bulb UV intensity: (25±0.4)W/m2

Temperature range: normal temperature~200℃

Thermal insulation layer: GLASS FIBER

Control mode: lamp and testing store house auxiliary heating control

Heating method: hot air circulation

Light intensity: used to the operation panel to adjust

Timer: LCD electronic, maximum 24 hours

Weight: 150kg

Rotating drive motor: AC220V, 200W 

Standard: ASTM D1148

Accessories: rotary disk 1 pcs, Allen wrench



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