Trek 20 / 20C-HS高速大功率放大器(±20kV,±20mA)

- Performance: 

Output Voltage Range: 0 to ±20 kV DC or peak AC

Output Current Range: 0 to ±20 mA DC or ±60 mA peak for 1 ms 

Input Voltage Range: 0 to ±10 V DC or peak AC

Input Impedance: 25 kW, nominal

DC Voltage Gain: 2000 V/V

DC Voltage Gain Accuracy: Better than 0.1% of full scale

DC Offset Voltage: Better than ±2 V

Output Noise: Less than 1.5 V rms*

Slew Rate (10% to 90%, typical): Greater than 800 V/µs

Large Signal Bandwidth (1% distortion): DC to greater than 5.2 kHz (The unit will trip when maximum is reached)

Small Signal Bandwidth (-3dB): DC to greater than 20 kHz


 Drift with Time Less than 50 ppm/hr, noncumulative

 Drift with Temp Less than 100 ppm/°C

- Voltage Monitor: 

Ratio: 1/2000th of the high-voltage output

DC Accuracy: Better than 0.1% of full scale

DC Offset Voltage: Less than ±2 mV

Output Noise: Less than 10 mV rms*

Output Impedance: 47 W

- Current Monitor:

Ratio: 1 V/6 mA

DC Accuracy: Better than 1% of full scale

Offset Voltage: Better than ±10 mV

Output Noise: Less than 30 mV rms*

Bandwidth (-3dB): DC to greater than 20 kHz

Output Impedance: 47 W

- Mechanical:

Dimensions: 279 mm H x 482 mm W 654 mm D (11” H x 19” W x 25.75” D)

Weight: 24.9 kg (55 lb)

HV Connector: Caton High Voltage Connector

BNC Connectors: Amplifier Input, Voltage Monitor, Current Monitor, Remote High Voltage ON/OFF, Out of Regulation Status, Fault/Trip Status

- Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

Relative Humidity: To 85%, noncondensing

Altitude: To 2000 meters (6561.68 ft.)

- Electrical:

Line Voltage: Factory Set for one of two ranges: 104 to 127 V AC or 180 to 250 V AC, either at 48 to 63 Hz

AC Line Receptacle: Standard IEC 320 three-prong AC line connector

Power Consumption: 1000 VA, maximum

- Supplied Accessories:

Operators’ Manual: PN: 23461

HV Output Cable: PN: 43466

Line Cord, Spare Fuses: PN: N5011. Selected per geographic destination



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