Universal Instrumnets Flexbond

Manufacturer: Universal Instruments - USA

Model: Flexbond

Warranty: 12 months

The Flexbond™ high-throughput hot bar bonding platform enables the first fully automated volume solution for advanced flex circuit and other hot bar interconnect applications. It combines with Universal Instruments’ Fuzion® Platform for full-process integration, including flux transfer, high-accuracy placement and hot bar soldering.

These configurable solutions have been shown to provide 6X to 12X the throughput of traditional semi-automated assembly stations and more than twice that of alternative automated hot bar solutions while reducing floor space requirements by 80%. They also require significantly fewer machines and offer the lowest OPEX and $/cph/m2.

  • The first high-throughput automated hot bar bonding platform

  • Industry-best performance and a maximum bonding rate of 1800 UPH

  • Dual-zone parallel processing with up to 6 heads per zone, 12 heads total (4X alternative solutions)

  • Programmable, closed-loop temperature control ensures alignment with solder profiles

  • Under-board constant heat balances thermal load for flex-to-flex applications

  • Programmable pressure settings and high-accuracy management provide superior bonding control

  • Conveyor-style architecture with adjustable width adapts to range of applications


Max Bonding Rate: 1800 UPH
Carrier Size: 100 x 100mm (Min) to 500 x 350mm (Max)
Bond Head Configuration: Dual-zone: 3 or 6 heads per zone
Hot Bar Head Heating: High-fidelity pulse heat up to 600°C or constant heat up to 200°C
Under-Board Heating: Constant heat up to 200°C
Temperature Control Accuracy: ±2°C, Cpk>1.33
Pressure Range: 0.5 to 12kg
Pressure Control Accuracy: ±70g per 1kg
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H): 1350 x 1500 x 2000mm



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