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UNI-T UT362H 热线风速计 (0~30m/s)


Range Accuracy                  Resolution

Wind Velocity Measurement: 

0~30.0m/s ±(4% of reading +0.1m/s) 0~9.99:0.01 ; 10.0~999.9:0.1; 1000~9999:1

0~108.0km/h ±(4% of reading +0.4km/h) 0~9.99:0.01 ; 10.0~999.9:0.1; 1000~9999:1

0~58.3knots ±(4% of reading+0.2knots) 0~9.99:0.01 ; 10.0~999.9:0.1; 1000~9999:1

0~5906fpm ±(4% of reading+20fpm)         0~9.99:0.01 ; 10.0~999.9:0.1; 1000~9999:1

0~67.1mph ±(4% of reading+0.3mph) 0~9.99:0.01 ; 10.0~999.9:0.1; 1000~9999:1

0~11bft ±1 bft 1

Wind Flow(Volume)  Measurement

0~999900m³/min /                  0.001~100

0~999900CFM                  0.001~100

0~999900L/s                          0.001~100

Wind Temperature Measurement

0℃~40℃          ±0.5℃ 0.1

-20~0℃ or 40~70℃ ±0.8℃ 0.1

32~104℉ ±0.9℉ 0.1

-4~32℉ or 104~158℉ ±1.5℉ 0.1

Wind Pipe Forms: Circular, Rectangular, Area

Sectional Area Setting: Circular (Set the diameter); Rectangular (Set the width and height)


Sectional area: ㎡, ft²

Wind flow: m³/min, CFM, L/s

Wind velocity: m/s, km/h, fpm, mph, knots, bft

Wind temperature: ℃/℉

Power-on Warm-up Time: 5s

Measuring Mode for Wind Velocity: Fast or Slow

Sampling Time: 0.5s

Data Hold: √

Overload Indication: √

Statistical measurement: √ (MAX/MIN/Timing Mean/Multipoint Mean)

Data Storage: 99 sets

LCD Backlight: √

Auto Power Off: Auto shutdown in 5 minutes when no any operation (cancelable)

Flexible Probe Length: 120cm

Low Battery Indication: √

Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0~40℃, ≤80%RH

Storage Temperature and Humidity: -20~60℃, ≤80%RH


Battery: 1.5V (AAA)*3pcs

Product Size: 180.3×63.0×40.1mm (Only the machine body)

Product Net Weight: About 312g, not battery included

Standard Accessories: Gift box, quick start guide, safety instruction, cloth bag, AAA Alkaline Battery*3


UT362H Hot Wire Anemometer is an ideal choice for measuring wind velocity and wind temperature due to its outstanding stability, security and reliability. It functions auto wind flow calculation and helps users measure and record data no matter in indoor or outdoor measurement. Indoor wind velocity and wind flow measurement can be considered as one of indexes for air quality judgment. Meanwhile, its slender probe rod helps professional HVAC/R personnel measure wind velocity inside ventilation pipe easily. The Hot Wire Anemometer’s advantages are not only above mentioned, so are the applications, widely used in the fields of Electric Power, Navigation, Fan Manufacturing, Air Conditioning System, Sports and etc.

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