Uni DS-1065 数字存储示波器(60MHz,500MSa / S,2CH)

     Channel: 2

Frequency width: 60MHz
Sample rate:  500MSa/S
Max. output voltage: 400V(DC+ACpeak)
Sweep rate: 50s/div~5ns/div
Vertical deflection: 2mV/div ~ 20V/div, 1-2-5steps(15steps)    
Measurement Voltage parameter:p-p, amplitude, Max, Min, Top, Bottom,Average,overshot, pre-overshot
Measurement Time parameter:Frequency, Period, Rising & Falling Time,Frequency, Positive & Negative pulse width, Positive & Negative duty-cycle, Delay1-2(Rise), Delay 1-2(Fall)
Display: 5.7" Color
Power voltage: AC100V~240V ±10%
Size & Net weight: 300mm*150mm*130mm 2.5kg
- Dual channel, 100M(DS-1100), 60M(DS-1060) per channel;
- Real-time sample rate 1GSa/S, Max equivalent time sample rate 50GSa/s;
- High resolution color display 320*240 pixel;
- USB storage and printer, RS232 interface;
- Built-in Delay Sweep Function, time- can be shorten;
- Measure multi-waveforms automatically;
- Waveform can be recorded and recalled;
- Multi-waveforms math, FFT;
- Variable Trigger function : Edge, TV, Pulse, ALT etc.;
- Help display;
Specification   Item   DS-1100   DS-1065
Vertical system  
Frequency width
Probe attention ratio
Max. output voltage
Vertical deflection
Input impedance
AD Converter
Rise Time
100MHz   60MHz
Plus, Sub, Mud, div, reverse
x1, x10, x100, x1000
2mV/div ~ 20V/div, 1-2-5steps(15steps)
≤3.5nS   ≤5.8nS
Horizontal system  
Sample rate
Storage length
Record length
Sweep rate
Sweep mode
Sample point
Timebase resolution
X-Y Mode
Real-time : 1GSa/S(DS-1100), 500Ms/S(DS-1065) /
Equivalent : 50GSa/s
≥4KB/CH Can be upgrade to 1MB
50S/div~2ns/div   50s/div~5ns/div
Main, Main + delay Mag. X-Y
X(CH1) Frequency bandwidth,DC~Vertical full bandwidth,
-3dB,Phrase error:≤3° @5MHz
Trigger System  
Trig source
Trig mode
Trig mode
Edge, Video, Pulse trigger
Auto, Normal, Single
Cursor Measurement
Auto measurement
ΔV, ΔT, 1/ΔT
Voltage parameter:p-p, amplitude, Max, Min, Top, Bottom,
Average,overshot, pre-overshot
Time parameter:Frequency, Period, Rising & Falling Time,
Frequency, Positive & Negative pulse width, Positive
& Negative duty-cycle, Delay1-2(Rise), Delay 1-2(Fall)
Display   5.7" Color
  Pixel : 320*240
  Brightness :typical time≥80cd/m2
Waveform display area pixel   Vertical:200pixel(Full range),25pixel/DIV
  Horizontal : 250 pixel(Full range),25pixel/DIV
Display type   pixel, vector
Display mode   Average : 2n (n :1~8 selectable)
  Peak value : Sweep Timebase 20ns/div~2uS/div step,
minimum bandwidth≥10ns
  Time adjust range : off, 100ms, 500ms, 1S, 2s, 5s, 10s,
unlimited selectable
Calibration Signal  
0.5Vp-p ≤±1%
100Hz,1KHz,10KHz,100KHz SQUARE WAVE
Output interface  
Output interface
USB,RS232 Interface
Waveform storage
Setup storage
10 groups
10 groups
Power voltage
Power consumption
Size & Net weight
AC100V~240V ±10%
45Hz~440HZ ±5%
300mm*150mm*130mm 2.5kg



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