Valhalla Scientific 2410-1HE 功率分析仪 (Harmonic Analysis, 0.05% Accuracy)


Range: 0.3V~1000V

Frequency range: DC, 0.1Hz~1MHz

Crest Factor: 3:1 at 50% full scale(fs)

Input Impedance: 1 MOhm

Common Mode: 50 Hz/100 kHz, 160 dB/100 dB


Range: 1.5mA~100A

Frequency range: DC, 0.1Hz~300kHz/1MHz

Crest Factor: 3:1 at 50% full scale(fs)

Common Mode: 50 Hz/100 kHz, 160 dB/120 dB


104 ranges corresponding to the products VxA

Frequency range: DC, 0.1 Hz-300 kHz

Frequency: 0.1 Hz-400 kHz, V triggered; Accuracy ±0.1 %.

Display: Blue liquid crystal graphic display with FL backlight 64×120 mm;  128x240 pixels

Dimension HxWxD:150x235x320 mm

Weight: 4kg



IEEE-488-2, RS232, Centronics printer output

4 programmable analog outputs; single-, sum-, or average values 4 analog inputs 0-±5V, input impedance 200 kΩ

4 analog inputs, 0-±10 V, input impedance 200 kΩ Rack Mounting Kit

Windows Operating Software 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP; transformer-motor testing


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