Velp FIWE3 3槽位纤维抽提套装

System is designed according to the AOAC method for determining Weende and fiber content of Van Soest and methods to determine levels of ADFNDF and lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose in food and animal feed.
The device works-simple, user-friendly, analytical results are highly accurate.
-Sample volume: 0.5 - 3.0g
-Repeatability: + / -1%
-Structure is made of stainless steel epoxy coating.
-Number of samples: 03
-Display time from 0-99 minutes with the alarm after the end of each cycle to work.
-Type of extractionextract hot and cold extraction.
-Push the air sample pump.
-Add the reagents in the dosing pump.
-Electric temperature control.
Sample treatment independently.
-Power: 900W
-Weight: 35 kg
-The device is designed AOAC and AACC standard
Accessories provided include:
+01 Insulating cap (40,000,161)
+01 PVC2m (10001086)
+03 Coc extracted fibers (A00000140)
Heating Plates +01 2 seat model RC2 (F20700172)
Glass containers +01 reagent (10,001,112)
Attach sample cup +01 (10,000,247)
Hand holding insulating +01 3 position (40000160)
Pipe input +01 (10,000,280)
Instruction manual.

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