Water bath calibation service

With the aim of serving customers with the best after-sales services, EMIN Vietnam has established the Equipment Inspection - Calibration - Repair Service Center. With the support from numerous equipment manufacturers in the world, EMIN Vietnam possesses well-prepared calibrating instruments. EMIN Vietnam has successfully repaired and calibrated specialized equipment in Vietnam, ensuring the quickness, effectiveness and convenience for customers. Only few technical trading company in Vietnam do possess this technical capacity including EMIN Vietnam.

>> Heating/Water Bath
  • Heating Bath is also known as the Water bath, the conditioning bath, and the temperature stabilization bath
  • English name: WATER BATH
  • A Heating Bath is a device that can maintain the temperature of water at a constant temperature.
  • It can heat a small amount of a liquid over a period of time without changing the concentration of the ingredients by evaporation.
  • It is also used when some pipes are processed while maintaining the internal temperature e.g. a Heating Bath is a tool used for maintaining an even temperature throughout the liquid contained in a bath . contain by keeping it in hot water previously.
  • It also prevents excessive evaporation of the heated liquid.

>> Other information

♦ Structure and basic components of the Heating/Water Bath

  • Most bath are made up of insulating metal, or stainless steel or heat-resistant glass with or without an insulating cap.
  • An electrical device to heat water stored in a bath 
  • Propeller or stirrer to circulate the water in the bath to maintain an even temperature during the heating operation.
  • Thermometer to check the temperature. This thermometer can be either built-in bath design (built-in) or placed separately in the bath.
  • Thermostats to maintain the temperature at a constant level

♦ Function of the Heating/Water Bath in the laboratory

The range of applications for laboratory thermal bath equipment include reagent heating, molten matrix or incubation cell culture, as well as being used to allow certain chemical reactions to occur at heat. height. Since almost all thermostats in the lab have a digital interface to allow the user to set the required temperature, normally an indicator light will come on to indicate that the bath is working. When the correct temperature is reached, the laboratory thermostat will turn on and off to maintain a constant temperature.

Some baths are called shaker baths, which provide additional controls that allow the user to control the speed and frequency of shaking movements. Mainly used for mixing two substances together, the shaker water bath can be used in place of conventional baths by turning off the shaking mechanism.

The laboratory Heating/Water Bath does not necessarily contain water. The liquid used depends on many different factors, including the required temperature range and the required viscosity of the liquid. Sometimes oil is used in bath instead of water. Heating/Water Baths can be dangerous when working with flammable substances, such as oil, so safety precautions should be taken, including the use of the bath on a flat, stable surface.

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