Wey Hwang WH-1540 Four Station Soldering Machine


4 station jobs: soldering, fluxing, dipping (cleaning), unloading.

7 days pre-heating, 6 section ON / OFF control per day to save the waiting time.

Electric control & heating apparatus is independent to offer the safety control mode.

Detective sensor of temperature to prevent the machine action error.

Digital temperature control to have precise temperature control (tolerance range +3% to -1%)

Pure titanium tank for lead free solder.

Pure titanium tank for longer life of solder pot.

Jig holder for several coils for economic benefit.

With output calculate function to confirm the finished amount.

999 memories of program to save the setting time.

Each data has 4 stroke setting & 2 delay time control for various soldering mode.

Pitch accuracy can reach 0.025mm, most stable for product soldering.

Provide reliable working environment with safety protection device.

Tin residue collection box is convenient to clean.

Smokestack device to prevent operator smell the pernicious gases. Easy to operate with various function

Power Source: AC 220V

Air Pressure: 5Kg/cm (white wire is earth wire)

Exhaust Fan Size: 4"

Solder Pot Size: 160 x 120 x 90 mm

Heater: 700W x 2 / AC 220V

Solder width: 123 mm

Temperature control: Room temperature ~ 500℃

Machine Dimension: 1066 x 715 x 1360 mm

Machine Weight: 120 KGS



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