WITEG MSH-20A Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer (380°C; 1500 rpm)

Body: Powder-coated aluminium

Plate: Ceramic-coated aluminium, 180 x 180 mm

Stirring capacity: max 20l

Speed & control resolution: up to 1500 rpm

Temperature range & accuracy: max 380°C

Temperature uniformity: specially designed heating module: temperature difference less than 10%

Heating power/ consumption: 600 W

Controller: superior linearity PWM Controller

Stirring bar: 30 mm bar included, usable up to 50 mm bar

Permissible temperature & RH%: ambient temperature +5~ 50°C, 85% RH

Dimension & weight: 206x307xh99 mm, 2.8kg

Packing size: 400x280xh200 mm, 5kg

Power supply: 1 Phase AC 230V, 50/60 Hz




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