Wuhan HT2671A Insulation Resistance Tester (0.0 ~ 49.9GΩ )

The rated voltage: 100V ~ 2500V

Measuring range: 0.0 ~ 49.9GΩ 

The open circuit voltage: DC 100V+10% ~ DC 2500V+20%

Short circuit: about 1.3mA

Precision: ±5%rdg±5dgt

AC Voltate Measurement

        Range: 30-600V (50/60Hz)

        Resolution: 1V

        Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt

LCD display: Max 999 counts

Over range indication:

        OL: appears on insulation resistance

        LO: appears on voltage

Auto range:

        Range shift to upper range: 1000 counts

        Range shift to lower range: 95 counts (only on insulation)

Sampling rate: 0.5-10 times/sec

Operation: ≤2000m (indoor use)

The operating environment: The temperature: 0°C-40°C humidity: ≤85%

Storage environment: The temperature: -20°C-60°C humidity: ≤90%

Overload protection:

        Insulation resistance range:AC 1200V/10 seconds

        Voltage range: AC 720V/10 seconds

Withstand voltage: AC 8320V (50/60Hz)/5 seconds (between circuit and periphery)

Insulation impedance: >1000MQ/DC 1000V(Between the circuit and the periphery)

Power supply: DC 9V (6*l.5V AA battery)

Battery: approx. 800mA(max)

Battery life: approx. 15 hours

Dimension: 125.4x174.6x69mm

Weight: 547.44g (without battery and test wire)



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