Wuhan HTCFDK 电池充放电试验机 (10~300V; 10~600V)

Working mode: can be used alone, can be used simultaneously, can be remote control and status monitoring

Charging voltage: 10~300V; 10~600V

Charging current: 0~40A; 0~60A; 0~30A; 0~60A

Discharge voltage: 10~300V; 10~600V

Discharge current: 19~180V:150A; 180~300V:80A; 10~300V:100A; 300~600V:50A

Accuracy of current: 1%

Voltage accuracy: 0.5%

Monomer voltage accuracy: 0.2%

Monomer voltage: 0.500V~16.00V (resolution 1mv)

Charge discharge time: 0~99 hours and 59 minutes

Power supply: AC:220V/380V

Cooling way: forced air cooling

Handling way: industrial universal wheel



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