Wuhan HTQB-W 无线高低压钳形电流表 (60kV, 1000A)

- Function: High voltage AC current measurement, low voltage AC current, leakage current measurement, on-line AC current supervision.
- Power Supply: DC6V Alkaline Dry Battery (1.5V AAA X 4)
- Test Method: Clamp CT, Integral Method
- Transmission Method: Wireless Transmission, the maximum distance for direct transmission is about 30m.
- Display Mode: 4 digital LCD display, backlight function, suitable for dark place.
- LCD Dimension: 47mm×28.5mm
- Meter Dimension: W/H/T: 76mm×255mm×31mm
- Clamp Diameter: φ48mm
- Sampling Speed: About 2 times/second
- Range of measurement: 0.1mA~1000A(50/60Hz Auto Identification)
- Resolution: 0.1mA
- Gearing: 0.1mA~1000A Automatic Shift
- Test Accuracy(23℃±5℃, 80%RH)
   0.1mA~299mA: ±1%±3dgt 
- Data Storage: 99 Groups
- Circuit Voltage: Test for the circuit below 60KV 
- Overflow Display: Exceed measurement range overflow function: “OL A” symbol display
- No signal Indication: When the receiver has not received transmit signal, it will display “no- -”symbol
- Auto Shut Down
- Battery Voltage: When the battery voltage is below 4.8V, the symbol of battery voltage“ ”will show to remind to replace battery.
- Weight: Tester: About 335g (Including battery), total quality of meter: about 2.5Kg (including insulation rod and battery.)
- Work Temperature and Humidity: -10℃~40℃;80%Rh
- Storage Temperature and Humidity: -10℃~60℃;70%Rh
- Insulated Rod Dimension: φ32mm,1m/Section(5 Sections)
- Insulation Intension: AC 100KV/rms (Between 5th insulation rod and clamp core)
- Structure: Anti-Dripping Type II

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