Yamato CIW1100 冷却水循环机 (17L, 3200W)

Circulation Method: External closed system circulation

Cooling Method: Water-cooled type

Temperature Control Range: 0 - 80℃ (Operation of entire freezer)

Operating Temperature Range: 5 - 35℃

Temp. Adjustment Accuracy/Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.1℃ (JTM K05)/ 0.6℃ at 20℃ (JIS)

Temperature Display Unit: 0.1℃

Cooling Capacity: Approx. 3,200W (at Liquid Temp. 20°C, Room Temp. 23℃, Water Supply Temp. 20℃)

External Circulation Flow Rate/Pump Max. Lift: Approx. 19/22ℓ/min/Approx. 14.5/20.5m (50/60Hz)

Water Tank Material: SUS304

Water Tank Dimension: W170×D370×H360mm

Water Tank Capacity: Approx. 17L

Exterior Material: Chrome-free electrogalvanized steel plate, Chemical resistance coating

Refrigerator: Swing Type Compressor (Inverter control)/R410A

Heater: 3,200W

Temperature Sensor: Pt100Ω(Temp. control), T thermocouple (Water temp., Evaporation temp.), K thermocouple (Overheat)

Circulation Pump: 180/216W

Circulation System Material: Stainless steel joint, Ethylene propylene hose

Condenser: Plate type heat exchanger/SUS316

External Circulation Nozzle: Nozzle is option, Rc1/2

Water Supply Facility: Temp.: 10-33℃, 15L/min or more, Water Pressure: 3 to 7kg/cm2

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 420×650×1021mm

Power Source: AC220V

Single-phase with step down transformer

Weight: 95kg



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