Yamato DKG810 强制对流烘干箱 (300L, 4.36kW)

Operating temperature range: Room temp. +30°C to 260°C

Temperature adjustment accuracy: ±0.5℃

Temperature distribution accuracy: ±2℃(at 200℃)、±2.5℃(at 260℃)

Time to attain max. temp.: Within 50min. from 25°C→260°C

Temp. decrease time: About 40min. from 260°C→50°C

Air supply/exhaust damper: Front operation/manual damper Air supply pipe/exhaust pipe at the rear NSSC180 With exhaust duct

Interior/exterior: Stainless steel plate/chrome free electro galvanized steel plate Chemical proof baking finish

Heater and heat insulator: SUS pipe heater & glass wool

Heater capacity: 200~220V 3.6~4.36kW

Blower fan: Sirocco fan×2

Fan motor: Condenser type motor × 1pc

Cable port: I.D.: 30mm One at the right side of the main body

Door packing: Silicon rubber 

Air supply port Bottom of heater room (Open/Close with a manual damper)

Damper control: Linked air supply / Exhaust with manual knob on the front of the main body

Exhaust port: Upper part of rear of the main body: φ80 (Open / Close with a manual damper)

Heater control SSR control

Sensor: K-thermocouple (for temp. adjustment, Indivisual overheating prevesion)

Safety unit: Self diagnostic function (Temperature sensor error, Heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, Automatic overheat prevention function), Key lock,

Safety unit: Program lock, Overheat preventive device, Over current electric leakage breaker, Door switch, Temperature fuse, External alarm terminal

Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm): W600×D500×H1000mm

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): W770×D696 (846)×H1674 mm

Withstand load of shelf: 15 kg / pc.

Shelf support step number: 7 steps

Shelf support pitch: 60mm

Accessories Shelf: 2 pcs.

Accessories Shelf support: 4 pcs.

Power Source: 200~220 18.5~20.5A (30A)


Weight: 155kg

Remarks(dimensions): 300L



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