Yamato TS310 过热安全装置 (0°C ~500°C)

Temp. setting range: 0°C to 500°C

Temp. display range: -200°C to 1300°C

Temp. detection accuracy: ±1°C

Power breaking capacity: AC100V 30A/AC200V 30A Single phase, AC200V Three phase 30A

Temp. setting system: Digital setting with up/down keys

Temp. display system: Digital display for sensor and set temperatures

Recovery system after detecting overheat: Manual (Turn POWER switch ON after returning to normal from overheating condition.)

Overheat temp. detection: Shutting off power of the target device/alarm with a buzzer alternately displays Er07 and the sensor detection temperature on the measured temperature display

Temp. sensor/temp. sensor protective tube: Sheath type K thermocouple/3.2 mm dia x length of 200 mm (encapsulated in a SUS316 protective tube)

Temp. sensor/temp. sensor protective tube: a-contact 250V 3A

Connecting system of target device: Connection terminal block for 4P(3P) power cord

Safety function: Internal fuse & self diagnostic function (abnormal input temperature/memory error)

Exterior/interior: Chrome free electro galvanized cupper plate, chemical proof baking finish, stainless steel plat

Accessories: Sheath type K thermocouple (soaked part: 200 mm) x 1, main unit securing clamp x 1

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 150×210×155mm

Power Source: AC115V/AC220VSingle-phase with step down transformer

Weight: 3.5kg



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