YOKOGAWA CA550 多功能便携式测量仪器

Sources and measures DC voltage, DC current, RTD, TC, resistance,

frequency and pulse signals

• Corresponds to 17 types of TC standard (JIS/IEC/DIN/ASTM/GOST R)

• Corresponds to 14 types of RTD standard (JIS/IEC/GOST R)

Multiple source patterns

- Linear sweep function

- Continuously Source from 0% to 100%

Step sweep function

- Change output in a staircase (step) pattern by

specifying the number of steps. (The number of

steps can be set from 2 to 20)

- Program sweep function

Users can set the desired output value (%) and

number of steps.

(10 steps for CA500, 20 steps for CA550)




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