YuYang YY112 塑料防火测试设备

Burning chamber:

1. Dimension is 0.5 m3, numerical control machine tool processing molding, circular modelling beautiful generous. High quality SUS304 stainless material/painting, has the characteristics of beautiful and rust corrosion.

2. There is exhaust system in the roof of chamber, which can exhaust waste gas after finish test; During the trial, this system is to stop state.

3. There is sealed toughened glass observation window on the chamber front during test, which is convenient for observation test. 



1. The burner is made by the company, fully meet ISO10093:1998 standard.

2. Specification: diameter Ф 9.5 mm, tube length is 100 mm, tube body with no tail device.

3. Burner wing top: having an opening of internal length 48 mm, internal width is 1.3 mm.

4. Flame height:38 mm 

Other parameters:

1. Support gauze Φ0.8 mm stainless steel wire, mesh each side 6.4 mm, 215 mm long, 75 mm wide, high 13 mm; Beside equipped with 300 mm steel rule, minimum scale of 1.0 mm;

2. Support gauze holder: consists of two hob, belt can be adjusted to the required angle and the height of the fixture, sample network located at 175 mm above the bottom of the box body.

3. Illuminometer: measure the illuminance within the test chamber ≤20lx.

4. Timer: 0 ~ 99.99 s can be arbitrary set, accuracy of ≤1s.

5. One set scaleplate measure blue flame when burning, minimum scale 1.0 mm.

6. Gas supply: calorific value of 37 MJ/M3 of gas.

7. Flow: 965 ml/min



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