YuYang YY1201 Office Furniture Comprehensive Mechanical Testing Machine for Table Chair Cabinet (0-500 kg)

1. Load capacity: 0-500 - kg can be arbitrarily set

2. Overall dimensions (length * width * height) : 9500 * 3200 * 2200 mm ((the top 2600 mm)

3. Load precision: 1/1000

4. Test accuracy: static: ±1% dynamic power: ±5%

5. Electric cylinder and the cylinder loading: each a single electrical proportional valve control cylinder. Cylinder requirements for imported brands, electrical proportional valve demand for imported brands.

6. Stroke displacement: 0-300 - mm, 0-500 - mm, 0-800 - mm optional settings.

7. Action time: 0.01-30s can be arbitrary set.

8. Test speed: 1 to 30 times/min can be arbitrarily set.

9. Test times: can be set arbitrary in 0-999999 times.

10. Power memory: stop/power and cut point check out stop function. Halfway down or power will automatically save test results.

11. Stop way: closing down the machine after reach test times, and alarm.

12. Sensors: well-known brands sensors.

13. Equipment has a fault self-diagnosis system, convenient examination and troubleshooting.

14. The basic framework use high strength aluminum metal framework of the modular structure, bottom frame adopts three-dimensional structure, structure of the firm.

15. Base: high strength industrial aluminum + GB 45 # steel, thickness of 10 mm, or powerful magnets samples.

16. The program frame can choose simplified Chinese or English, in the application settings page can be arbitrary replacement.



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