YuYang YY140 可燃性测试设备(用于不锈钢材料外壳的针焰测试方法)

Function and technical index:

The flame of the test is made of bottled butane gas.

The needle of the burner needle has the diameter Φ0.5 ± 0.1mm, the outside diameter is no more than Ø0.9mm and the length is more than 35mm. Adjustable 12 ± 1mm, according to the standard requirements transferred to a height measuring instruments. Flame temperature measurement from 100 ℃ ± 2 ℃ to 700 ℃ ± 3 ℃ time in 23.5s ± 1.0s within. (Tb)


Combustion tank and the main mechanical part of the stainless steel, manufacturing stress, resistance to smoke, gas corrosion.

The flame can be used in the range of 0 to 99 minutes and 99 seconds, automatic control, record the burning duration.

Key components using imported parts, digital time, fixture three-dimensional adjustable, control system automation, independent ventilation, observation and easy to use, stable and reliable.

Test chamber: 0.5 cubic meters.



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