Zhengyang QJ84A 数字直流双臂电桥 (10A)

Range       Measurement Range       Resolution    Test Current       Accuracy

20mΩ       0-19.999mΩ        1µΩ                   680mA                  0.5%

200mΩ     0-199.99mΩ         10µΩ                 680mA                  0.2%

2Ω             0-1.9999Ω           100µΩ               68mA                    0.1%

20Ω           0-1.9999Ω           1mΩ                  68mA                     0.05%

200Ω         0-19.999Ω           10mΩ                6.8mA                    0.05%

2kΩ            0-19.999Ω           100mΩ              680 µA                   0.05%

20kΩ          0-19.999Ω            1Ω                    68µA                      0.05%

Battery Type : 5x1.2V (LR20) Ni-MH rechargeable battery (or 5x1.5V LR20 battery)

AC charger Adaptor: Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz; Out put  9Vdc/1.0A

Size : (W)314mm  x (H)276mm x (D)167mm

Weight: 5kg


- Kelvin bridge with 19999 counts LCD display
- Four terminal measurement
- Measurement range: 0~20 kOhm(7 ranges)
- Best resolution: 1 µOhm
- Precision resistor is used as reference, with
high accuracy, stability and low temperature
- Protective circuit to prevent damage by
inductive resistor under test
- Rugged carry case, suitable for both field
and laboratory use
- Battery powered, with AC charger adaptor
- Battery capacity indicator
- Over-range indication
- Data hold function

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