ZONHOW DZ-605 Automatic Compression Test Machine

Automatic Compression Test Machine The testing machine is produced according to the national standard CNS, and the design requirements are according to the instrument method inspection

of paper and paperboard. Can be carried out paperboard and core paper cyclic compressive strength test under specified conditions, and the machine also

can be extended to the flat corrugated pressure strength test, compressive strength test, the degree of adhesion test and compression test. At the same

time the machine is also in line with the high precision load and load monitor, make the load values can be directly read.

Capacity: 1000N

Accuracy: 0.1N

Display Model: LCD / Touch screen Compression plate size: Φ130mm

Test stroke: 90 mm

Test speed: 12.5mm/min Return speed: 0 ~30mm/min (can be set)

Printer: Equipped 1 set

Power: 1PH, AC220V, 50/60Hz

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