Máy kiểm tra đánh thủng dầu cách điện DTE UIM-100 (100kV)

UIM-100 (220) breakdown voltage oil tester
UIM-100 (220) bdv oil tester provides breakdown voltage tests on transformer oil and other dielectric, insulating liquids with voltage up to 100 kV.
Test set has manual and automatic modes of withstand voltage transformer oil testing.
The model includes a built-in radio channel, to connect to a PC for storing, processing and printing results of tests. 
UIM-90 (220) is a portable equipment


  • Range of test voltage (rms value), kV:                                    10-100        
  • Relative voltage measurement error, %                                   3
  • Volume of measuring cell, cm3,                                                400                  
  • Supply voltage                                                                          220V +/- 22V; 50 (60) Hz
  • Current and voltage measurement error, %                             3 (of full reading)
  • Power consumption, VA                                                           500
  • Continuous work, hours, max                                                   8
  • Net weight, kg                                                                           32
  • Dimensions, mm                                                                       520x335x320
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