Máy kiểm tra mạng Wi-fi Fluke Networks AirCheck


  • Dedicated, handheld 802.11 a/b/g/n tester with instant-on technology
  • Fully supports 2.4 and 5.0GHz frequency bands
  • Rapidly perform a Wi-Fi discovery to fully assess your current wireless security settings and network availability
  • See whats using your Wi-Fi network by channel and quickly determine if it is 802.11 traffic or non-802.11 interference
  • Robust and in-depth WLAN connection tests - from probing to DHCP request to ping
  • Quickly identify and locate access points whether authorized or rogue
  • Fully documents your troubleshooting session – enabling fast trouble ticket resolution or problem escalation

Aircheck Includes:

  • AirCheck Tester
  • USB Cable
  • Soft Case
  • Getting Started Guide
  • CD with AirCheck Manager software
  • User Manual
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Instant-on operation – Powers up in less than three seconds and automatically starts discovering networks, access points (APs), and channel activity.

Get answers fast – The one-button AutoTest quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common problems - for any level of Wi-Fi technicians expertise.

Identifies security settings for each Network and Access Point: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2, and/or 802.1x.

Pinpoints Wi-Fi traffic and interference – Shows how much of each channels bandwidth is consumed by 802.11 traffic and interference, and the APs using each channel.

Finds rogue APs – Flags unauthorized APs and clients. Helps you hunt them down with the LOCATE function or find them even faster with the optional directional antenna.

Supports 802.11a/b/g/n All in one handheld tool.




Performs three essential Wi-Fi tests and a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common problems - for any level of technicians expertise.

  • Air Quality - Checks for Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi utilization by channel, plus co-channel interference.
  • Network Quality - Verify coverage, interference, security and ability to connect to specified networks
  • Rogue Access Points - Identify APs not listed in the profile

AutoTests are user configurable and based on the multiple profiles which can be stored in AirCheck and selected for different sites or requirements. Results may also be stored for export to AirCheck Manager.


List Access Points


AirCheck finds configuration and coverage problems as well as rogue APs. View a list of all physical APs heard by AirCheck or clients connected to a specific AP, and the following information:

  • Channel
  • Signal level
  • AP name or MAC address
  • SSID name (or count of SSIDs for virtual APs)
  • Security / encryption
  • Type of network



List Networks

Find security issues, rogue APs and coverage problems and view a list of all wireless networks heard by AirCheck. Instantly see the following for each network:

  • Signal level
  • Security / encryption
  • Number of APs in network
  • SSID name
  • Type of network



AP Authorization Status


Quickly identify rogue APs by setting the authorization status for each AP in AirCheck or AirCheck Manager software.  Once set, this allows you to instantly verify authorized devices and determine if rogue devices are present on your network.

You may define an APs authorization status two ways: from AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester or the AirCheck Manager software.


Locate Access Points and Clients


Quickly track down rogue (unauthorized) and other APs or clients by graphing the signal strength over time, or by using an audible indication which can be muted. 




Access Point Details


Quickly identify AP configuration problems. View the following information for each physical AP:

  • Signal / noise/ signal-to-noise ratio (current and max)
  • SSID and BSSID
  • ACL status
  • Security / encryption
  • Connected clients



Connection Tests

Verify network availability and access by connecting to a network (SSID) or specified AP using three simple steps:
  • Associate with AP
  • Request IP address from DHCP server
  • PING gateway, DHCP server and user-defined addresses

View the process steps on the display and store them in a log for troubleshooting. Quickly test performance and quality of the connection by using the continuous ping response, loss-rate, and connection-range features.


Channel Usage


Quickly determine if channels are overloaded due to Wi-Fi traffic (displayed in blue) or interference (displayed in gray). Verify channel-usage pattern or overlap and flag illegal use of channels.

With AirCheck, you can also detect the presence of interference. Devices that can cause interference include microwave ovens, cordless phones and headsets, BlueTooth® devices, and analog video cameras.

Channel Usage Details


Find overloaded channels and interference. Drill in further to see the level of Wi-Fi traffic and interference over the last 60 seconds on a selected channel, as well as the access points using this channel.


Client Details

Easily find misconfigured or failed client devices. Quickly drill into client details to see signal level, AP MAC and name, channel, SSID, type and determine the channels and frequencies on which the client is probing.



AirCheck Manager Software


AirCheck Manager software is included with AirCheck and provides two capabilities: the ability to manage AirCheck profiles and manage sessions recorded with AirCheck.


Easily configure, manage, and control the use of your AirCheck – or an entire fleet of them – with the Profiles feature, which includes the following settings:

  • Network configuration settings, including IP addressing and security / encryption
  • Connectivity test settings, including target test devices
  • Password protection for all settings


Name and transfer multiple profiles into AirCheck, as needed for different facilities. You can also transfer profiles from AirCheck to AirCheck Manager software.

For enhanced security, profiles are password protected and settings are encrypted, both in AirCheck and AirCheck Manager software. This eliminates worry about unauthorized access to your network if your AirCheck tester is lost or stolen.

Record Session
Document what AirCheck is seeing to share or archive. Create summary or detailed reports allowing you to quickly close a trouble ticket or provide documentation for problem escalation. Press one key to record all collected details for:

  • AirCheck configuration
  • Access points
  • Probing clients
  • Channel usage
  • Connection details


Transfer sessions to a PC and easily view/store them using AirCheck Manager software.


Multiple Language Support

AirCheck fully supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Multi-language support includes AirCheck user interface, getting started guide, user manual and supporting AirCheck Manager software, help files and user reports.


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