Bộ chia điện áp chính xác Kelvin-Varley IETLAB KVD-700

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Điện trở vào:100 kΩ ±50 ppm tại 1.0 INPUT; 110 kW ±50 ppm tại 1.1 INPUT.
Dải đo tỉ lệ: 0 ~ 1.0 của đầu vào tại 1.0 INPUT; 0 ~ 1.1 tại 1.1 Input.
Độ phân giải: 0.1 ppm với 7 tụ.
Độ tuyến tính chính xác: tại 23ºC, công suất thấp; Công thức [Vout/ Vin] - S, trong đó S là cài đặt mặt số. ±0.1 ppm cho S = 0.1 tới 1.1. ±0.1 (10S)1/3 ppm cho  S = 0 tới 0. 1.
Độ ổn định tuyến tính ngắn hạn: duy trì nhiệt độ phòng ± l ºC , điện áp <100 V thì ±0.01 ppm /ngày, and ±0.1 ppm /tháng.
Độ ổn định tuyến tính dài hạn:
± 1.0 ppm/năm cho S = 0.1 tới 1. 1.
± 1.0(10S)2/3 ppm/năm cho S = 0 tới 0.1.
TC tuyến tính: ±0.1 ppm/ºC cho S = 0.1 tới 1.1. ±0.1(10S)2/3 ppm/ºC cho S = 0 tới 0.1.
PC tuyến tính: ±0.2 ppm/W cho S = 0.1 tới 1.1. ±0.2(10S)2 ppm/W cho S = 0 tới 0.1.
Điện áp vào max.: 1000 V tại 1.0 INPUT; 1100 V tại 1.1 INPUT.
Dòng điện ra max: 11 mA.
TC điện trở vào: ±1.0 ppm/ºC.
Công suất vào Max: 10 W at 1.0 INPUT; 11 W at 1.1 INPUT.
Điện trở ra Max: 66 kΩ
Điện áp nhiệt: <0.5 µV

Chi tiết



KVD-700 Kelvin-Varley Voltage Divider Specifications:

Input Resistance:100 kΩ ±50 ppm at 1.0 INPUT; 110 kW ±50 ppm at 1.1 INPUT.
Ratio Range: 0 to 1.0 of input at 1.0 INPUT; 0 to 1.1 at 1.1 Input.
Resolution: 0.1 ppm with 7 decades.
Absolute Linearity: At 23ºC, at low power; defined relative to zero and full scale outputs, at the output terminals. Quantitatively it is [Vout/ Vin] - S, where S is the dial setting. ±0.1 ppm for S = 0.1 to 1.1. ±0.1 (10S)1/3 ppm for S = 0 to 0. 1.
Short Term Linearity Stability: When maintained under standard laboratory conditions of ± l ºC and applied voltage of <100 V, linearity shall have a stability of ±0.01 ppm per day, and ±0.1 ppm per month.
Long Term Linearity Stability:
± 1.0 ppm/year for S = 0.1 to 1. 1.
± 1.0(10S)2/3 ppm/year for S = 0 to 0.1.
Self-calibration restores linearity to 0.1 ppm.
Temperature Coefficient of Linearity: ±0.1 ppm/ºC for S = 0.1 to 1.1. ±0.1(10S)2/3 ppm/ºC for S = 0 to 0.1.
Power Coefficient of Linearity: ±0.2 ppm/W for S = 0.1 to 1.1. ±0.2(10S)2 ppm/W for S = 0 to 0.1.
Maximum Input Voltage: 1000 V at 1.0 INPUT; 1100 V at 1.1 INPUT.
Maximum Output Current: 11 mA.
Breakdown Voltage: 2500 V to case at sea level; 2000 V to case at 10,000 feet above sea level.
Temperature Coefficient of Input Resistance: ±1.0 ppm/ºC.
Maximum Input Power: 10 W at 1.0 INPUT; 11 W at 1.1 INPUT.
Maximum Output Resistance: 66 kΩ, determined by shorting across the input and measuring the resistance across the output terminals
Thermal Voltages: <0.5 µV at the output terminals.
End Errors: Zero error at OUTPUT LOW terminal <±0.004 ppm of input; Zero error at INPUT LOW terminal <±0.05 ppm of input; Full scale error at OUTPUT HIGH terminal <±0.05 ppm of input.
Terminals: High-quality low-thermal-emf, gold-plated, tellurium-copper binding posts; standard 0.75'' spacing; additional binding posts are connected to the case for shielding. Terminals are insulated from the case by non-moisture absorbing Kel-F spacers.
Operating Conditions: 0ºC to 50ºC; 35% RH to 55% RH; for operating conditions below 15ºC and above 35ºC, linearity must be derated 0.1 ppm/ºC from the temperature of calibration.
Storage Temperature: -34ºC to 70ºC.
Dimensions: 5.25" high 19'' rack panel; Panel: 48.3 cm W x 13.2 cm H (19.0" x 5.20") Behind panel: 42.7 cm W x 12.4 cm H x 31.5 cm D (16.8" x 5.2" x 12.4"); In front of panel 3.8 cm (1.5").
Weight: 8 kg (18 lb)

  • Primary Calibration grade 100 kΩ Kelvin-Varley Voltage Divider
  • Used by National Measurement Institutes around the world
  • Built in Wheatstone Bridge allows for a self calibrating circuit
  • Employees "Zero tempco foil resistors"
  • Direct replacement for Fluke 720A Kelvin-Varley Divider

The KVD-700 is a primary calibration grade voltage divider employing the Kelvin-Varley circuit. It is a highly accurate, stable, and linear primary ratio standard suitable for use in many applications requiring known voltage or current ratios. In particular, the KVD-700 Kelvin-Varley Voltage Divider is especially appropriate for use in bridge circuits, providing two legs of a bridge with a very well known ratio.

The KVD-700 has a resolution of 0.1 ppm and an absolute linearity of 0.1 ppm. It has a 1.0 input and a 1.1 input to allow over-ranging. Temperature coefficient
of linearity is 0.1 ppm/ºC, and power coefficient of linearity is 0.2 ppm/W.

The KVD-700 Kelvin-Varley Voltage divider incorporates a number of advanced features making for convenience and high performance. These include: self-calibration capability; state of the art nominally "zero tempco bulk metal foil resistors"; Kel-F mounted low-emf tellurium copper binding posts; sealed internal calibration potentiometers; and a convenient operating guide attached to the unit.

The KVD-700 features a built-in Wheatstone bridge self-calibration circuit so that the unit may be calibrated with a minimum of external instruments and
without requiring another voltage divider.

The KVD-700 Kelvin-Varley Voltage divider employs precision resistors which have been aged, temperature and power cycled to maximize
long-term stability, and matched to minimize temperature and power coefficients effects. The most significant decade is sealed in an oil bath to minimize
temperature coefficient effects.

The switches used have gold plated solid silver alloy contacts for long life, minimum contact resistance, and no tarnishing. Gold also allows the use with low level signals. The switches have multiple wiper contacts to provide stable low contact resistance. The main switches are sealed.

High quality gold plated tellurium-copper binding posts serve to minimize the thermal emf effects which would artificially reflect a change in dc resistance measurements. They are mounted to the case on special Kel-F washers to insure low leakage. All other conductors within the instrument, as well as the solder employed, contain no metals or junctions that could contribute to thermal emf problems.

The front panel is clearly labeled showing step size for each decade. Maximum voltage and current limits are indicated as well. The unit may be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack.

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