Anritsu OPTION-545VIP USB 200 / 400Xビデオ検査キット

  • 生産者: ANRITSU
    Model: OPTION-545VIP
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  • Interchangeable adapters for all popular connector styles including angled polish
  • Complete digital operation ensures safe operation – no direct viewing required
  • Compact, one cable design with standard USB interface
  • Ability to view back panel fiber connectors through the bulkhead without removing them
  • "Pass" or "Fail" evaluation of connectors based on pre-determined criteria (CMA4500/5000/a and PC only)
  • Compatible with most Anritsu field test sets and Windows based Laptop PCs


The Video Inspection Probe (VIP) application for Anritsu field testing platforms gives operators a safe, easy way to analyze and document connector conditions. With today high data rates, high definition services, connector quality and inspection has never been so important. Research reveals that up to 75% of all optical network failures are attributed to poor connector quality - reduce your installation time and ensure your network is reaching its full potential.

Connector images are captured digitally and displayed on the test set screen. The images can then be viewed or saved as a variety of common graphics files for later review or documentation of connector quality. Various adapters are available to allow direct viewing of patch cord end faces, as well as, for viewing of end faces already installed in patch panels. Furthermore, since there is no path to the human eye the VIP application eliminates the possibility of injury as with traditional connector microscopes.



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