IKA C 6000(0010004526)イソペリボール熱量メーター 2/10

  • 生産者: IKA
    Model: C 6000 (0010004526)
    起源: Germany
    品物を保証します: 12 month
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  • 連絡先
  • 전화번호: いい価格のため、連絡しなさい
    ホットライン: (+84) 968060220
    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

Measuring range max.: 40000 J

Measuring mode dynamic 22°C: yes

Measuring mode isoperibol 22°C: yes

Measuring mode dynamic 25°C: yes

Measuring mode isoperibol 25°C: yes

Measuring mode dynamic 30°C: yes

Measuring mode isoperibol 30°C: yes

Measurements/h dynamic: 6

Measurements/h isoperibol: 4

Reproducibility dynamic (1g benzoic acid NBS39i): 0.15 %RSD

Reproducibility isoperibol (1g benzoic acid NBS39i): 0.05 %RSD

Touchscreen: yes

Working temperature: 22 - 30 °C

Temperature measurement resolution: 0.0001 K

Cooling medium temperature: 12 - 27 °C

Cooling medium permissible operating pressure: 1.5 bar

Cooling medium: tap water

Type of cooling: flow

Chiller: RC 2 basic

Flow rate: 60 - 70 l/h

Rec. flow rate at 18°C: 60 l/h

Oxygen operating pressure max.: 40 bar

Interface scale: RS232

Interface printer: USB

Interface PC: RS232

Interface test rack: yes

Interface ext. keyboard: yes

Oxygen filling: yes

Degasification: yes

Decomposition detection: yes

Decomposition vessel C 6010: yes

Analysis according to DIN 51900: yes

Analysis according to DIN EN ISO 1716: yes

Analysis according to DIN EN ISO 9831: yes

Analysis according to DIN EN 15170: yes

Analysis according to DIN CEN TS 14918: yes

Analysis according to ASTM D240: yes

Analysis according to ASTM D4809: yes

Analysis according to ASTM D5865: yes

Analysis according to ASTM E711: yes

Analysis according to ISO 1928: yes

Analysis according to GB T213: yes

Dimensions (W x H x D): 500 x 425 x 450 mm

Weight: 40.14 kg

Permissible ambient temperature: 20 - 30 °C

Permissible relative humidity: 80 %

Protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 20

RS 232 interface: yes

USB interface: yes

Voltage: 220 - 240 / 100 - 120 V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power input: 1700 W



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